Naval Information Warfare Systems Command (NAVWAR)

Welcome Aboard

Welcome Aboard Message

Sailors and Marines will transfer to other commands frequently during their careers. These transitions, like any move, can be difficult for our service members and their families. The Navy assigns a sponsor at the receiving command to assist with the transition. To assist with this transition, each command will have a prepopulated Welcome Aboard page. Many command have these pages now, but there isn’t consistency in where the links can be found or the content that is included. This page will include:

This should be prepopulated with a welcome message. The Command Name should pull from a short code that reads from the Command Contact Info post type.

Sponsor Coordinator Contact Info

Information for contacting the sponsor coordinator at the receiving command will be included. Email addresses will not be included as this will lead to an increase in SPAM being directed at that address. Mailing addresses and phone number should be included. The actual name of the sponsor coordinator should not be included as this person may change more frequently than the web team can keep up with. The sponsor coordinator contact info should pull from a short code and post type.

Watch Officer Information

There are times when difficulties arise during the transition to the command. The likelihood of this happening can increase for OCONUS commands due to the additional steps required for international travel and potential language barriers. To assist with this, the Command Duty Officer, or similar watch stander’s information will be included on this page.

Link to the Contact Page

Reporting servicemen and servicewomen may have additional questions about the command that may be better directed at other members of the command, ie contacting the Ombudsman regarding family issues. To assist with finding this information a link to the Contact Us Page will be included.

Check In Procedures

A brief statement regarding the check in procedure will be included. This will give reporting members an understanding of what is required when officially reporting to the command. An example can be found at This should be prepopulated with similar text that could be applied to all commands. A QRG will include instructions on how to update this text with more specific info for the command.