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United States Code Title 15, Section 637(A) (12) (C), requires the Department of the Navy to prepare a three-year forecast of expected contract opportunities and make the forecast available to small businesses. This is the most recent release of NAVWAR’s Long Range Acquisition Forecast. This forecast contains the known NAVWAR requirements (valued at $150,000 or more, excluding MAC IDIQ task order awards other than SEAPORT). The forecast is informational only an​d does not constitute an offer or commitment by the Navy to fund, in whole or part, the opportunities referenced herein. This listing is not all inclusive and is subject to change. Vendors shall not contact any contracting or technical personnel regarding this information and all inquiries shall be submitted via email to

How To Do Business With NAVWAR:

Visit our website to view current and future business opportunities:

Select “Business Opportunities” from the left side of the main menu, and then choose among the three NAVWAR buying locations (Headquarters, NIWC Atlantic, NIWC Pacific). The below choices are available to you.

  • Market Survey & Future Opportunity:
    View “Sources Sought Notices”, “Pre-solicitation Notices”, “Request for Information” or “Draft Solicitations.” Sources Sought Notices are requests for capability statements in order to determine the level of competition available. Results from these notices are frequently used to determine the possibility for an 8(a) set-aside or small business set-aside.
  • Open Solicitations:
    View current solicitations including the statement of work. You may also “View Prospective Bidders List for this solicitation” to locate teaming partners or points of contact for subcontracting possibilities.
  • Simplified Acquisition (SAP) (NIWC Charleston and NIWC Pacific ONLY):
    View supply or service acquisitions with an anticipated dollar value between $3,000 and $150,000. These purchases are normally reserved for small business concerns.
  • Closed Solicitations: View solicitations that have closed and are currently under “Evaluation.”
  • Active Contracts:
    View contracts that have been awarded.
  • Subscription Services:
    You may choose to anonymously browse our website. However, we also offer you the opportunity to subscribe by specific solicitation number to receive e-notice of changes/amendments to existing solicitations. You may also subscribe by Federal Supply Class (i.e., FSC or CBD Code) to receive e-notice of new NAVWAR requirements meeting the selected FSC. NOTE: The government makes no guarantee of e-mail notification. Best practice would be to visit the site frequently.
  • “User Registration Profile”:
    Registered users may ask questions on-line and submit electronic proposals on-line. On-line proposals are protected by 128-bit Secure Socket Layer encryption and may be viewed only by the contract specialist, contracting officer and author.

Contacts and Resource Information:

Names and POC Information:

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NAVWAR Headquarters: San Diego
Phone: (619) 524-7701
Fax: (619) 221-5521
NAVWAR Long Range Forecast (XLSX)

NAVWAR Small Business Strategy (PDF)
NAVWAR Headquarters: San Diego
Mr. Daniel Deconzo
NAVWAR Supervisory Director
Visitor Information (PDF)
NAVWAR Headquarters: San Diego
Mr. Tuan Doan
Deputy for Small Business
NAVWAR Headquarters SBO Factsheet (PDF)

NIWC Pacific SBO Factsheet (PDF)

NIWC Atlantic SBO Factsheet (PDF)
NIWC Pacific: San Diego
Ms. Mary Lake
Deputy for Small Business
Phone: (619) 553-4327
Navy Gold Coast Information

Doing Business with NAVWAR (PDF)
NIWC Atlantic: Charleston
Ms. Robin Rourk
Deputy for Small Business
Phone: (843) 218-5115
Fax: (843) 218-5912
Basic Subcontracting Information (PDF)

DoN Office of Small Business Programs
NIWC Atlantic: Charleston
General Office
Team Account
DoN Rapid Innovation Fund BAA

DoN Mentor-Protege Guidebook For Industry and Acquisition Professionals (PDF)

Visit DoD Mentor-Protege Resources page for a list of templates
NIWC Atlantic: New Orleans
Ms. Ida Lirette
Deputy for Small Business
Phone: (504) 697-5599
Fax: (504) 697-5622
Cost Realism Framework: Cost Reimbursement, Level of Effort, Requirements (PDF)

Information Warfare Research Project (PDF)
NAVWAR Small Business Roundtable October 2018Small Business Roundtable Safeguarding Covered Defense Information (PDF)
Upcoming Events SBIR/STTR Workshop