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The Program Executive Office for Digital and Enterprise Services (PEO Digital) is the Department of the Navy’s enterprise-wide information technology acquisition agent. PEO Digital is digitally transforming systems to evolve and deliver modern capabilities and technologies to maintain the competitive edge while meeting demand signals from our user communities. the challenge is delivering the tools required by the DON with speed, agility and affordability.

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Navy establishes two new IT delivery offices
On May 13, 2020, the Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Navy for Information Warfare and Enterprise Services (DASN IWAR), Jane Rathbun launched two new Program Executive Offices in a ceremony conducted virtually. The establishment of the new PEOs are part of an effort directed by Assistant Secretary of the Navy (Research, Development and Acquisition) (ASN(RD&A)) James F. Geurts to enable more agile delivery of Information Technology (IT) to a complex and diverse set of customers across the DON …

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PEO EIS’s legacy as the DON’s defense business systems and enterprise IT acquisition agent
In May 2020, the Program Executive Office for Enterprise Information Systems (PEO EIS) was disestablished to make way for two new program offices that will enable modern service delivery and agile delivery of information technology (IT) to the DON

During its 14 years of existence, PEO EIS’ work was vital to the DON’s overall success …

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PEO EIS programs provide critical IT expansion to support COVID-19 maximum telework policy
Theimmediate shift to 100% telework placed an unprecedented strain on the DON’s information technology (IT) networks and capabilities. Throughout the DON, senior leaders quickly executed a plan to improve, expand and upgrade capabilities for the hundreds of thousands of teleworking DON military personnel, civilians and contractors. …

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